Tutorial #21

  1. What information can the network manager obtain from the ping command? Give at least 5 answers. What does ping actually do -- in other words, how does it work?

  2. What does the traceroute command tell the network manager? Harder research question:How does traceroute work?

  3. Why is caution advised regarding the use of tools such as ping and traceroute in regular network monitoring? Why is traceroute particularly problematic?

  4. Express the following ASN.1 specification in terms of an programming language such as C, C++, Java, etc, with which you are familiar.
    name ::= OCTETSTRING -- or, perhaps, IA5String.
    married ::= BOOLEAN
    yrsWithCompany ::= INTEGER
  5. Which of the following ASN.1 syntactic elements would you expect to be keywords, types and variables, assuming they follow the normal conventions?
  6. Now, remember that you do not have to write ASN.1 code to pass this subject, and you are not expected to understand the C/C++ programming language. This question is merely an entertaining exercise and you don't have to be able to do it. Write the following C/C++ in ASN.1, using the sub-range feature to ensure that the ASN.1 objects are the same number of bytes as the originals:
    struct personnelRecord {
        char givenName[100];
        char familyName[100];
        int yrsWithCompany;
        int annualSalary;

See Prac #21 for the practical exercises accompanying this tutorial.
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