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This is a private website that is not conducted for commercial purposes. It is therefore not subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act. However, every attempt is made to abide by the spirit of the Act and protect the privacy of users.

Information is collected from users via the New Users page. This information is collected for the purpose of:

  • ensuring that the site is not misused
  • notifying users of events assocated with the site

Users who are members of a Lions Club are asked to provide some additional information. This information is required to identify them as a Lions Club member. If the user is a Lions Club member then the information collected from them may be released to their Lions Club, District, Multiple District or any of their affiliated Lions foundations. trusts, projects or other bodies. This information will be released solely for the purpose of allowing those bodies to contact the user regarding matters pertaining to Lions. It should be noted that this site is not affiliated with Lions Clubs in any way.

Subject to the above, the information collected from users will not be released to any organisation or used for any commercial purpose.

Guy Harley

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