Lecture Slides

Week 1 (Australian Legal System)

Week 2 (Development of Cotract Law, Intention to Contract and Offer)

Week 3 (Acceptance, Consideration, Contractual Capacity and Certainty)

Week 4 (Express Terms, Terms Implied by the Courts, Exemption Clauses)

Week 5 (Terms Implied by the Trade Practices Act)

Week 6 (Terms Implied by the Goods Act and eCommerce)

Week 7 (Remedies)

Week 8 (Misrepresentation, Duress, Undue Influence, Unconscionable Conduct, Mistake, Rescission)

Week 9 (Promissory Estopple, Misleading and Deceptive Conduct - s52 TPA)

Week 10 (Unconscionable Conuct under the TPA, Negligence)

Week 11 (Negligent Advice)

Week 12 (Contractual Theories)